Version 0.80

// ADVENTURE MODE ADDED ( still at an early stage but playable )

- You have 5 lives and must unlock planets to go further.
- Lives spent on a planet stay on the planet
- You can get lives back by retrying the level once you are stronger
- Shops will let you to trade your void balls for perks

- Sentinel attack cycle changed.
- Cyclop laser cooldown increased + laser can't push void ball anymore
- Cyclop can now fire missile swarm

- new track for Korbulys
- new track for Yareal
- new track for Alkeer

- no more ghost void ball on the razor level
- headless tank hitbox fixed
- RIFT effect removed from Nusteria

- short tutorial arcade animation is broken ( back on future version )

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Version 4 Apr 19, 2019

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