Version 0.79


- Added Mouse control
- Added smooth turn control (360°) for mouse and pad
- Default keybord keys are now [x] and [c] instead of [space] & [shift]
- Added a pause screen after each death.
- Added control remap option

- Marines now follow you and jump on/off cliff more often.
- Marines shoot cooldown increased.
- Spider can now track you when you stand on their web
- Baby spider go slower on non web ground.
- New monsters RAPTOR on GIRB-2

- All planets lvl.1 difficulty decreased.
- Sagoroth and Girold reworked.

- NUSTERIA levels dont skip anymore when there's flying aliens left.
- powerup revealed when a level is finished dont spawn on next level anymore

- new warning FX for mines / exploding tanks / wyrm impact .

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