The alchemist left his hut for weeks now. This is your chance to find his cache ! Walking all night in the bog, you finally find the hut in the morning light ...

Instructions :

  • Click on screen to reach new areas
  • You should take a pen and paper to solve this puzzle
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorBenjamin Soulé
Made withFlickgame
Tagspen--paper, quick


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Really awesome, and I feel like you've pushed flickgame to its limits here! Also the art is great. But aargh... I couldn't figure out the puzzle without trial-and-error... I feel like I've found all the hints and understand what they mean, but don't know how exactly they relate to form the answer. Still, great work on this :)

To my knowledge, only one person found the good  way to link the hints.

Cool concept, but I confess I brute-forced the code because the clues did not make sense to me. Any chance you want to explain? :)


I plan to add some hint in the game description this week. I'm looking for a way to make [spoiler] balises [/spoiler]

very nice art! i think you really made the most of flickgame too 

I do agree that the interactive areas are super hard to understand: I lost lots of time figuring out what was a "come back to previous screen" shortcut. 

I really liked the well screen, reminded me a LOT of Maupiti Island ;)

Oh and I did find the final reward :) Nice game!

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You found the reward by solving puzzle ? ( you might be the first one ) Or brute-forcing last code ?


The hit box are too tiny for the mouse. They are also not continuous.

In other words, the control scheme is bad. Please only use rectangles as hit-box. Also, use larger rectangles.


Yes you re 100% right. But I'm using flickgame tool,  which is really good to make game quick and without using any code. Each color on page is attached to a link to another page. 16 page total max. You should have look, you might like it :