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I should probably say something here but this game is fantastic and I have been playing it for years, though often intermittently. I had it installed on my work laptop two jobs ago and I used to play it for hours when I had no work to do and nobody around to give me any additional work. It's so good. It's so good I recently recommended it to someone and now I am gonna buy it again and play it again. Fantastic stuff.

Hi! Are there any updates on the mac version? I am not sure how easy it is for you but it "just" needs to be compiled into a 64bit version. Thanks!

Hey, meant to comment on this a while back after buying and playing it but forgot to. Very nice work! I like the overall cohesive vibe the game has, and you've included some really neat twists on the usual Snake formula. Still some mechanics I'm puzzling out as I play more, but I particularly like the way the fruits/unlocks are randomized each time you play so there's always something unpredictable to look forward to.

Hey is there any way you can update it to the latest version for Mac?? :) 

What is missing on the mac version ?

The warning I get is "Serpents needs to get update. The developer has to update the app to be used in this version of macOS" I have Big Sur version 11.1 if that helps

Oh :-/ We have a problem then. I dont have access to a mac right now, I will try to find a way to compile it again.

Thank you! Let me know if/when you do it so I can download it again :)