--- GOAL ---

  • Get pigment droplets
  • Dodge the deadly razor discs
  • Paint all tiles

--- UNLOCK ---

  • The game save your highscore for each fruits
  • Your metascore is the addition of all your highscores
  • Unlock new fruits by reaching specific metascores


  • Grass : discs can' enter grass
  • Water : hide fruit from discs but consume pigments
  • Trigger : all discs dash in your direction

---  FORMAT ---

 if you want to start again, you can format your savecard using SHIFT+F

StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(82 total ratings)
AuthorBenjamin Soulé
Made withPICO-8


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One of my favorite games on itch. I wish it was available on Android.


is this game incredibly difficult or is it just me my highscore is 85% (on apple) and I have around 45% on all the others any tips?

its very difficult lol, the sawblades lowkey smell you out, to the point where their trajectory can move slightly i think, still a dope game tho, highest i got on apple was 58.

Really really cool!

it's a great game, i had a lot of fun playing it. i would love to see some easier fruits, or some mechanics that can help player(something like getting sheld for -25% pigments or something)

This game is *amazing*!! Just as fun as Disc Room, but with a totally fresh flavour. So many nice little design ideas. I'm hoping there's a secret 7th fruit that unlocks once I've 100%'d the rest of them. ;)

Cool little game!

I like this, looks really nice~

Really well polished game. I like the aesthetic, it remind me old Bomberman. Great game.

This is seriously very good, I loved the game mechanic so much! Great job. 


New fruit ideas:
+25% (4) pigments from droplets.
Juice makes saws go slower.

grass area: 25%
-25% (4) pigments from droplets.

Please add this to the Pico-8 BBS! As Sunset Moth said, I really enjoy your game and would really love to play this in my actual Pico-8! Thank you so much for such a fun game and your hard work :)

Done !! https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=40490

Sweet thanks so excited to play!

(1 edit)

Is this not on the pico-8 BBS? I'd kind of like to put it with the rest of your games my pico-8 library.

(I'd also kind of like to be able to make edits - Have you considered giving the saws little motion trails so it's easier to tell which way they're going while they're moving slow? Sometimes I think a saw isn't going to get too close and then it slices me in half.)


Done !! https://www.lexaloffle.com/bbs/?tid=40490 The trails were in an early prototype. Infact the slow motion was designed to help me get rid of the trails because whatever design I used they were making the game unreadable.


They should have added a rule to the jam about not making an entry better than the game the jam is promoting. Amazing work as always


Got too excited :(

Pretty fun, although I wish you moved faster while holding a key down. Made the game slower than I think it needed to be.

Really like this! Any chance of a download? I'd love to put this on my RG350.

The dying animation is so cute and satisfying, I want to play again to be sliced again

I like every gameplay that uses the time control. I'm using it in my first game, and this is one of the better ways to use it in a simple game n.n The variety in each level is perfect. I just need more scenarios for each level. I hope to play a next and extended iteration n.n


Please let me download it or put it on splore so I can play it on my Gameboy Zero XD

Can I have a download for the music? It's so good!

awesome game

Really cool game, very addictive! I like that the sound of the saws gets louder as they get nearer, nice touch  👍🏾

i have nightmares now 

pretty cool. almost thought it was a QIX crossover at first. can’t decide if that would make it any cooler.

(1 edit) (+1)

If you want some purprle QIX you can check my other game : Voidrun

Very fun game :)

Very cool and lots of nice polish!   Well done!


Really cool, I played it on my phone, love it :))


Unbelievably addictive and beautiful. I’ve been sliced so many times yet I want to play it more and more!​

Wow! AMAZING for being made in PICO-8. I played on mobile and didn’t know that the engine supported that. I really enjoyed the SUPER HOT style of movement which allowed me to pause and think about where the discs were going.