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Dominion And Dominoes was made for the Ludum Dare #30.


  • On each round place your two diplomats token on free action spaces.
  • Play new word on the map from your hand or the neutral space.
  • Connect your worlds by using trade, alliance or even tourism !
  •  At the end of each turn you score one prestige for each world connected on your longest chain.
  • After 9 rounds the player with the highest prestige win the game.


  • Federate : Play a world.
  • Influence : Look at the first 3 events card, discad one and put the two next in the order you want
  • Explore : Draw 1 world cards.
  • Rule : Draw 1$ law card or Play a law card.
  • Presidate : Gain immediately 1 prestige point(s). Become the first player at the end of the phase.
  • Research : Draw 1 card
  • Colonize : Colonize every empty world of your board || Play a world from your hand.
  • Trade : Draw 2 cards then discard 2 cards || Discard all your cards to gain 1 prestige for each.
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AuthorBenjamin Soulé
GenreStrategy, Card Game
TagsBoard Game, Ludum Dare 30, Space, Turn-based


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Baffled as to how one can look at the atrocity of slavery and think: "Hm! My cutesy 4x title would be improved if players exchange slaves as a resource type!"

Mechanically, there's no distinction between slaves and computers within the game: they are simple commodities, which means that slaves could be replaced with literally anything else. Spice? Media? Ore? Drugs?

Please pick literally anything else to use.


Slavery and weapons are not like other resources. Some law can forbid slavery or weapons and cut your trade routes. It could have work with drug, I didn't think about offending anyone with this choice, I just wanted some quick illegal trade idea ( it was a 48h game jam )