Camlann v0.5

// VERSION 0.5

 - Added the curses system ( for HARD, VERY_HARD and NIGHTMARE )
 - Quest are now instantly activated when completed. 
// BUG fixes
 - Fixed a bug where armies and monsters could not deal more damage than your folk number.
 - Fixed a bug that allow you to use woodcutter more than one time per day.
 - Fixed a bug where last dice sent on a quest earn money on their way back to round table.

 - BUILDINGS : all loose one glory point ( except tower and church )
 - BALLISTA : To place a knight you must now pay a price equal to its value.
 - WOODCUTTER : cut dice are now broken ( they will shatter when they come back to round table )
 - LANCELOT : Rework : Send an extra dice each turn this dice can't be rerolled.
 - PENDULUM : new effect > Convert a beast to defend your castle.
 - [beast] BEHEMOTH : 5 + 10 atk points for each buildings you have.
 - [boss] VORTIGERN : When Vortigern comes into play, add a curse on the board. Remove this curse is Vortigern is defeated.
 - [boss] ACCOLON : When accolon comes into play remove all dice from unfinished quests. Accolon gain 20 atk points if you have excalibur.

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Nov 29, 2018

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