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I can't get it to run, am I missing something?

edit: I had only installed the hotfix, not the full game XD

edit2: still not working


Got to level 40 with almost 200 kori :)

Looks like teddy bear is the best item, combined with the sword, and a good skilltree.

Great game, love the concept. Its a good improvement over Fire & Brimstone, less luck, more skill based.


Thank you very much :) Maybe I'll work a on a bigger version someday. I'm usually very bad at making good characters or universe but I saw "Where the Wild Things Are" with my daughter one week before the jam and I took a lot of inspiration from it

Good news: the game is winnable =)

Yesssss !!!!

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this is so good! a couple thoughts:

-closing your eyes is such a great mechanic

-i love the little action mechanic with the fireballs, feels super fresh

-seems like there's a bug that soft locks the game if you try to use the sword

+1 on the softlock with the sword.

Looks great, anyway you could export towards linux or html? Would love to try it.. :)

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Such an amazing game! The visuals and the UI are exellent! And I really adore the gameplay concept, great idea and its execution 
Kinda wish there was an option to walk by simply holding the button instead of pressing it for each turn. And also no key for closing the inventory selection confused me in the begining. Also I sometimes caught myselft thinking that a button for skipping the turn without making a move would really help

Infact he button exists but its not documented ( backspace or B no controller ). I will add it in the description. You can also "skip" a turn by walking in a wall or lava. 

That's good to know thanks! And the problem with walking in a wall or lava is that they're not always there to walk into, though I guess it's kinda a gameplay feature

I also found out today that two swords aren't multipluing the attack and it was a bummer, partly because I had 4 bag slots, and the swords were in slot #2 and #3, therefore I wasn't able to drop one of them and practically I had 3 slots instead of 4. I think some inventory management would be helpful here

By the way is there any chance this will turn into a bigger game?

This plays and looks wonderful! Lovely game! The block your vision to heal up courage is so smart! :)

Maybe it is just me, but even after 10 + tries I had a lot of problems getting any further, I got as deep as 7 I think, I just got overrun with a lot of in the end.

Well the gameplay/balance is 100% theoretical. I had problem to manage my time on this jam and ended up with almost no time spent on playtest. I know it's a big mistake, and at this point i'm not totally sure that getting the 4 locket parts is actually possible.

Still I had fun either way, balancing is something that's difficult in jams (or in general)!

Is it made with "sugar" ? Is the engine available with lua scripting now?
I run a youtube channel about vg programming and would like to share.

Sugar is still in early dev right now. Remy @TRASEVOL_DOG is building it and I use it to make crashtests  games. Please contact him if you need more information about the project.

Fait, on est en contact, merci :)

I think your downloads got mixed up. The windows zip contains only sfx, and the other contains the game for windows?

Thank you for the report. It's fixed now !

This looks interesting~